Trading Room

Bringing users from frustration to empowerment.

Nike is constantly innovating internal processes. In this project, I was responsible for improving the experience of an internal app, interviewing users, setting up wireframes for the tool, and the user interface design.

By later request, I pitched the project to other departments at Nike headquarters about the importance of User Experience in different digital products.



The application was slow and very draining for the users.
A task that was supposed to take one hour was taking four hours or more. The users needed to perform the job, but it started to be a painful experience that was slowing their work day. Plus, a lot of mistakes was being made between the trades.


- Interviewing the different user groups and working out the current process in flowcharts.

- Outlining the ideal process in a flowchart. This has been achieved by interacting a lot with users and stakeholders in the meantime.

- Cut into pieces together with the product owner to be able to plan the development well.

- Sketching of wireframes after frequent checking with users and stakeholders and developing these into attractive visual screens.

- Presenting a clickable hi-fi prototype to all interested parties.

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