Simplifying management to happier trainers & members.

N10 is a soccer-related company. They own soccer fields and a soccer school for children. As a UX/UI Designer, part of the HYP team, we created a website that could suit their needs. The website allows trainers to insert information about the children's practices and their parents to be able to see that information. It also allows children to share their accomplishments on the main social media websites.

The Euroleague area of the website allows the teams and the general public to consult the games and all the information of the teams who have won the previous editions of the leagues.

N10 Groups is a private section that allows groups of people, who regularly reserve the n10 fields to play soccer or other sports, to manage their groups and who is available to play.



  • the management of the school, the school’s teams and its soccer practices;
  • the management of groups that use the playing fields for friendly games;
  • the management of euroleague, a league created by N10.
  • The process:

  • Understand the requirements, create personas and define use cases.
  • Analyse competitors, research latest UX/UI trends and define guidelines.
  • Gather ideas, draw sketches and wireframes, evaluate and re-draw when necessary.
  • Create prototypes, and define UX guidelines.
  • Implement functionality and build experience.
  • Perform usability testing, identify improvements.